Immersion SA (ALIMR.PA)

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Mr. Christophe Chartier

Immersion SA develops and integrates display systems and interaction devices. The company offers immersive stereoscopic image walls, multi-screen immersive 3D environments, remote collaborative working platforms, projection onto domes, and others for designing digital templates and virtual prototypes, reviewing projects, and simulating for the purposes of evaluating issues. It also provides 3i solutions, including VR uniiit and VR in a case solutions for virtual reality that are integrated in a compact flightcase; Meetiiim, an interactive and collaborative working platform for professional meetings; and Diiice, an immersive virtual reality space, as well as packaged solution, including professional equipment, intuitive software, and services. In addition, the company offers datagloves, HMDs, haptic force feedback arms, positional trackers, AR/VR software products, projectors, eye-tracking systems, workstations, and graphic cards, as well as consulting services; and operates Corner Shop. Its products are used in the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, transportation, defense, architecture, construction, energy, industrial equipment, health, education, and research industries. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Bordeaux, France.