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Mr. Robert Hamilton Steers
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Cohen & Steers Closed-End Opportunity Fund, Inc. is a close-ended fund of funds launched by Cohen & Steers Inc. It is managed by Cohen & Steers Capital Management, Inc. The fund invests in funds investing in public equity markets. It also invests in funds investing in convertible securities, preferred securities, high yield securities and real estate, energy, utility, and other equity or income-oriented strategies. The fund makes its investments in funds investing across diversified sectors. It seeks to invest in undervalued funds with market capitalization generally greater than $200 million. The fund employs quantitative analysis to make its investments. It benchmarks the performance of its portfolio against the S&P 500 Index and the Morningstar U.S. All Taxable Ex-Foreign Equity Index. The fund conducts in-house research to create its portfolios. Cohen & Steers Closed-End Opportunity Fund, Inc. was formed on September 14, 2006 and is domiciled in the United States.