SharpSpring, Inc. (SHSP)


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Mr. Richard Carlson
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SharpSpring, Inc. operates as a cloud-based based marketing technology company. The company is headquartered in Gainesville Florida, Florida and currently employs 104 full-time employees. The firm offers SharpSpring, a marketing automation solution for small and medium-sized businesses and is primarily sold to marketing agencies that use the platform on behalf of their clients. The features of SharpSpring includes Web tracking, lead scoring and automated workflow that enables businesses deliver the message to the customer. SharpSpring marketing automation solution also offers customer relation management tool and call tracking functionality. Its SharpSpring Mail+ provides customers with marketing automation functionality and traditional email marketing capabilities. SharpSpring Mail+ offers tools, such as automated workflows, triggered emails and dynamic list segmentation. The Company’s subsidiaries include SharpSpring Technologies, Inc., InterInbox SA, ERNEPH 2012A (Pty) Ltd. doing business as ISMS, Perfect Audience and SMTP Holdings S.a.r.l.