11 Top Alternatives to Yahoo Finance API

Among the plethora of free finance APIs, yahoo finance API’s had gained remarkable prominence. But with the advancement of other competitors and the discontinuation of Yahoo Finance APIs, there are many fantastic alternatives to yahoo finance, which have the same ability to provide the highest quality of financial data for analysts to pour over.

Let’s investigate why Yahoo Finance API has moved down? And how the yahoo finance API alternatives are rising and simplifying the acquisition of financial data for users?

What is Yahoo Finance API?

Unlike most functioning APIs in the financial data mining domain, Yahoo’s APIs had exceptional features. It included a neat approach to figuring out and delivering data about financial stocks, reports, and stock summaries. The programming interface was clever in solving the bulk data feed in one stock and provided helpful charts to track finance effectively. However, in what appeared to be cost cutting measures by Verizon, Yahoo Finance was discontinued.


Strangely, after the launch of a new feature in Yahoo’s API it was decided that discontinuation would occur. Yes, that means there is no more reliable way to gain access to stock information freely, and users have to purchase this data on yearly/monthly subscriptions.

Since the technology is ever-growing and will never stop discovering the latest innovations, yahoo finance API alternatives have also grown.

11 Best Alternative to Yahoo Finance APIs

1. FinancialModelingPrep (FMP)

The FMP finance API is considered a fantastic alternative to yahoo finance. Since Yahoo finance supported 8 endpoints for presenting the data for in-depth research and investigation, the FMP stock API has multiple directions to dig out immense information regarding a single stock.

Accuracy: The FMP financial API comes with precise results and indicates multiple stocks in option if the user wants to explore a specific stock within the multitude available. Unlike yahoo finance API codes, it uses the SEC (securities and exchange commission) data source with the highest level of accuracy. You are able to extract financial statements income statements, balance sheets & cash flow statements. Hence, it presents investors with the ideal mix of information to make data-driven decisions.

Best-In-Class Updation: It provides access to the same yahoo finance Asian indices and updates the stock rate every second, 1, 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Though this finance API doesn’t break the continuity in presenting users with the updated stock indexes; hence, subscribers get high flexibility in gaining the latest exchange rates. Also, the comparison of real-time to historical rate pops up with hourly periods, which grants you the ability to track each graphical fluctuation.

Extension: FMP incorporates the stock feeds from forex, current market trades, cryptocurrency, NYSE, and more. The free trial for new users and progression with previously activated users offers many free features and makes it a cost-effective subscription.

Overall, FMP Finance API is the best alternative to yahoo finance API.

2. Currencylayer API

This is a REST (representational state transfer) API that incorporates the JSON data representation model to provide users with currency conversion information at the personal or industrial level.

Data Configuration: The range of financial information is obtained through five specific endpoints, which gather real-time, historical, conversion currencies, periodic, and cash modification circumstances.

Extension: The extent of representing the accurate currency information of this API covers 160 distinctive currencies. Furthermore, the data collected by this API comes from trading Forex information brokers and public currency operating centers which later compresses into algorithmic form before releasing it to users.

3. Tradier API

As it is clear from the name, Tradier API is recommended when users want to have unlimited trading options.

Multiple Endnotes: Its easy integration assists users when running on applications where stock tracking needs to take place. Trader broker facilitates mobile traders by providing dynamic trading views, and unlike currency layer, it offers a minimum of 100+ endpoint movements per minute. The API key allows endpoints to be authenticated during performance; hence, it’s genuinely effective and simple to use.

4. MorningStar API

Morning Star is an easily manageable API due to its quick integration with apps. The interface is informative as useful blogs guide further to enhance the experience of users.

Representation: The data representation is simply visible on the first page. The presented record always comes in sequence and not in a complicated mess. Exchange platforms that contribute data to this API include crypto, forex, and locally available information.

Purchase Access: To get access, users are required to contact API operators which is a frustrating barrier. At the same time, once you have access, its entire interface is simple and reliable.

5. EOD Historical Data

EOD or end-of-day data represents the financial quotes, real-time and historic currencies in short periods of time and are quick to be delivered. The representation of EOD data is interesting though it incorporates multiple figures regarding a single-day currency update. This is somewhat confusing and can be challenging to use.

6. World Trading Data

It appears like an excellent database handling economic rates on a global scale. World Trading Data provides historical and real-time data simultaneously, including intraday modifications from minutes to frequently stimulating. Furthermore, they suggest scales on currency rates.

It has been given plaudits for the authenticity and diversity of the data they provide. Their fundamental case to track currency fluctuation is free, but you probably need to go with a paid package if you require more complex information.

7. Quandl API

It is among one of the most reliable datasets which are most using APIs and connects more than 4 lac active traders worldwide. The elaboration comes as many stock exchange portals, asset administrators, and financing groups using this API to submit the record.

Multiple Mode of Representation: The quandl API can represent a single data format into numerous modes. This assists investors to easily reach the format they want without wasting time on format changes.

Premium Calls: The free call per minute is around 20-50, which can be turned into thousands after signing up to a premium account.

8. Intrinio

Like currencylayer API, intrinio works on REST infrastructure, which allows the JSON format to quickly meet the requirements/calls of the user and direct them to multiple endpoints.

Hundreds of Datasets: Within one uncomplicated Application Interface, Intrinio provides hundreds of data provisions, including its fundamental code deploying machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms for arranging the sequenced data and updating the existing index information.

Purchase: Most often, this API is used by users on the free plan. But to access more feeds from documentation, paying for a subscription is crucial. In contrast to yahoo finance charts API, proper installation with intrinio is complex and requires multiple documentation layers.

9. IEX

It is a precise and accurate dataset/cloud infrastructure to build financial applications specific for minor tradings. The insight captured by IEX has volatile and local supportive exchange information, which is used widely by many investors.

Specifications: It presents curated information which holds institutional level acknowledgments (real-time, cryptocurrency, etc). Nearly, the entire US stock’s data and about one lac securities are available through the IEX application.

10. Market stack

Big data mining: Its backend allows stock feeds coming from Amazon like massive marketplaces. The data can be seen in historical and real-time, so the comparison of fluctuations can be easily done.

Reviews: This API has got overwhelming responses from users as it covers nearly 1000+ free monthly requests to access the stocks while bundling features in the paid version. The monthly subscription is wallet friendly and starts from $8 per month.

11. Alpha Vantage

Alpha vantage is unmatchable in budget-friendly aspects and is the preferred option for those who are tight on money to purchase a total functioning suite of APIs.

Alpha Vantage API is the best option if you need to trace stocks on the forex exchange. Furthermore, it is a great service to observe assets in real-time and review past property.

Quick exchange access: Alpha Vantage API is more efficient if you want to get FX, crypto, current market data, or additional specialized symbols. All these options help users gather in-depth knowledge of stock, with a comparison command to measure present and past changes.


The Yahoo Finance API had been the go-to source for a financial Data API with access to many endpoints and a huge amount of stocks to access. But the sudden discontinuation of the Yahoo finance data API meant that users threw their attention outward. They found some fantastic yahoo finance alternatives that proved to have more reliable features than the previously available alternatives. These alternatives have multiple features; some have more useful options than old and reliable yahoo finance API. When picking the best free version from all the competition, FMP is leading the most prominent features with the broadest stock availability. It can therefore be called the absolute alternative to yahoo finance API.


What is a Finance API?

Simply put, Finance APIs provide users with a direct line to live real-time and historical market data. The commonly used abbreviation API stands for Application Programming Interface but what does that really mean. Simply put, API’s are a way for developers, programmers, and analysts to get data from a source. Many companies use APIs as a way for users to access data from their own servers. This could be free for basic data or paid depending on the complexity and rarity of the data. API’s are essentially a server that you can use to retrieve and send data using a code.

The basic process of how API’s work to receive data is as follows:

  • The user performs a ‘GET’ request to the server
  • The server responds with a response code and the data

FMP offers stock data, historical financial information, and financial statement data via our own API. This enables you access to the most comprehensive and useful financial information to perform your own analysis, build models to make informed data-driven investments, and create your financial applications.

What is the best Yahoo Finance Alternative?

After going through many APIs and juggling the thoughts, and comparing the benefits can absolutely put you depressed. But don’t you worry and stay calm while having a selection turn out of these eleven APIs. We are recommending FMP API by elaboration on its characteristics and free duration over others. Its programming interface covers more currency rates in fast patches of time. While it further provides a free stock quote web service and the data relatable to yahoo finance API historical data. Your more problems will be solved by knowing the stocks graphs and informative charts raised from New York Stock Exchange, crypto, Forex, NASDAQ, and so on. The data includes mutual funds, ETFs, and the entire indexes of securities. And above all, the interface invites users to complete cost-effective support until they reach a confirmed decision.