Balance Sheet Data

Boston Trust Midcap Fund (BTMFX)


+0.13 (+0.55%)

Total Cash
Total Cash (%)
Account Receivables
Account Receivables (%)
Inventories (%)
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable (%)
Capital Expenditure
Capital Expenditure (%)

To support growth, companies need to keep investing in capital items – including property, plants and equipment.
To calculate this net investment,we take capital expenditure (found in the company’s statement of cash flows) and subtract non-cash depreciation (found on the income statement).
Working capital refers to the cash a company needs for day-to-day operations.
The faster a company expands, the more cash it will need.
To calculate working capital, we take current assets and subtract current liabilities.
You can find both of these on a company’s balance sheet, which is published in its quarterly and annual financial statements.