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How to calculate discounted cashflow model(dcf) formula.

DCF Calculations

Our API DCF calculation:

Market Cap = Weigted Average Shares Outstanding Diluted * Stock Price

Enterprise Value NB = Market Cap + Long Term Debt + Short Term Debt

Equity Value = Enterprise Value NB - Net Debt

DCF = Equity Value / Weigted Average Shares Outstanding Diluted

Stock Beta = 3-Year Monthly price change of stock relative to the monthly price change of the S&P500 (COV(Rs,RM) / VAR(Rm))

On our web interface we allow manual interaction and set average value for the growth rate (we do average projection for the next five year that we discount back at with the WACC) the user can then change the value and interact with the DCF value, on the API it is a set value.

You can see different value from the API and the website. We recommend using: for interactive rates.



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