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Envea Société Anonyme manufacturers and sells online monitoring solutions for industry, laboratory, and local and government institutions in France and internationally. The company offers process optimization solutions, such as online mass flow measurement products, non-contact microwave flow detectors, online moisture measurement products, velocity measurement products, level monitoring products, filter performance monitors, gas monitors, broken bag detectors, filter dust / leak monitors, dust monitors, particulate size monitors, and mercury instruments for power generation, incineration, food and pharma, minerals, metal, chemical, and agriculture sectors. It also provides emissions monitoring solutions, such as gas and dust analyzers, sampling systems, data acquisition systems, and software for the measurement and reporting of stack pollutants; and gas and mercury monitors, particulate measurement systems, samplers for sampling of dioxins, and flue gas velocity CEMS. In addition, the company offers ambient monitoring solutions, including particulate monitors, micro-sensors, and gas generators/calibrators for air quality and natural gas, laboratory, process leakage and odor detection, and water and liquids monitoring. Further, it provides environmental data processing and reporting solutions, as well as turnkey solutions. The company was formerly known as Environnement S.A. and changed its name to Envea Société Anonyme in July 2018. Envea Société Anonyme was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Poissy, France.

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