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Discounted Cash Flow Model Levered of Floridienne S.A.(FLOB.BR), Floridienne S.A., through its subsidiaries, operates in the chemicals, gourmet food, and life scienc


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Floridienne S.A., through its subsidiaries, operates in the chemicals, gourmet food, and life sciences sectors in Belgium and internationally. Its Chemicals division offers plastic additives that are used for stabilizing PVC and fireproofing plastics; and recycles nickel/cadmium, nickel-metal hybrid, and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, as well as zinc salts for galvanization. This division is also involved in the formulation and production of calcium/zinc-based and organic stabilizers. The company's Gourmet Food division produces and markets party and gourmet food products, such as snails, scallops, stuffed shellfish, smoked salmon, seafood salads, flaky pastry appetizers, prepared ethnic dishes, cold and warm sauces, vinegars, condiments, jams, and spreads. This division also operates in the field of specialized foods for people with deglutition problems. Its Life Sciences division produces and markets natural technologies and products for agriculture, agri-foodstuff, health care, para pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries, as well as provides plant proteases and integrated pest management services. This division also invests in solutions, such as chemical communication through receptors associated with taste and olfaction in mammals. The company was founded in 1898 and is based in Waterloo, Belgium.

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