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Dupont Ratios Analysis of Chemfab Alkalis Limited(CHEMFAB.NS), Chemfab Alkalis Limited manufactures and sells inorganic chemicals in India and internationally. It


Chemfab Alkalis Limited



Chemfab Alkalis Limited manufactures and sells inorganic chemicals in India and internationally. It operates through Chemicals and Related Products/Services, and PVC-O Pipes segments. It offers caustic soda lye and flakes, liquid chlorine, hydrogen gas, hydrochloric acid, and sodium hypochlorite/bleach liquor products, as well as industrial grade and edible salt products. The company was formerly known as Teamec Chlorates Limited and changed its name to Chemfab Alkalis Limited in July 2017. Chemfab Alkalis Limited was founded in 1985 and is based in Chennai, India.

654.45 INR

29.35 (4.48%)

DuPont Analysis

The DuPont analysis, pioneered by the DuPont Corporation, offers a structured approach to assessing fundamental performance. It involves breaking down the return on equity (ROE) into various components, aiding investors in comprehending the factors influencing a company's returns.

ROE = Net Income / Average Total Equity

ROE = (Net Income / Sales) * (Revenue / Average Total Assets) * (Average Total Assets / Average Total Equity)

The company's tax burden is (Net income ÷ Pretax profit). This is the proportion of the company's profits retained after paying income taxes. [NI/EBT] The company's interest burden is (Pretax income ÷ EBIT). This will be 1.00 for a firm with no debt or financial leverage. [EBT/EBIT] The company's operating income margin or return on sales (ROS) is (EBIT ÷ Revenue). This is the operating income per dollar of sales. [EBIT/Revenue] The company's asset turnover (ATO) is (Revenue ÷ Average Total Assets). The company's equity multiplier is (Average Total Assets ÷ Average Total Equity). This is a measure of financial leverage. Profitability (measured by profit margin) Asset efficiency (measured by asset turnover) Financial leverage (measured by equity multiplier)



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