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Dupont Ratios Analysis of Hydratec Industries NV(HYDRA.AS), Hydratec Industries NV, through its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and sale of industrial


Hydratec Industries NV



Hydratec Industries NV, through its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and sale of industrial systems and plastic components for food, health, and mobility markets in the Netherlands, rest of Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania. It develops and produces sterilized product handling systems; and automated packaging solutions, including packaging for sterilized food in pouches, tins, and jars, as well as main-meal salads and agri-food in bags, nets, boxes, and crates. The company also supplies industrial incubators to produce day-old chicks; hatchery automation systems for processing of hatchery eggs and day-old chicks; climate control equipment for air and water treatment; hatchery management software for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing the hatching process; and service and support for hatchery systems operation. In addition, it manufactures extrusion machines for PVC, PVC-O, and PO pipes; plastic injection molding products for use in climate control systems, lorries, bicycle parts, and coffee machines; rubber and plastic precision components for fuel systems, braking and drive systems, dosing systems for beer, coffee and milk, medical cartridges, point-of-care instruments, and diagnosis equipment. Hydratec Industries NV is headquartered in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

142 EUR

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DuPont Analysis

The DuPont analysis, pioneered by the DuPont Corporation, offers a structured approach to assessing fundamental performance. It involves breaking down the return on equity (ROE) into various components, aiding investors in comprehending the factors influencing a company's returns.

ROE = Net Income / Average Total Equity

ROE = (Net Income / Sales) * (Revenue / Average Total Assets) * (Average Total Assets / Average Total Equity)

The company's tax burden is (Net income ÷ Pretax profit). This is the proportion of the company's profits retained after paying income taxes. [NI/EBT] The company's interest burden is (Pretax income ÷ EBIT). This will be 1.00 for a firm with no debt or financial leverage. [EBT/EBIT] The company's operating income margin or return on sales (ROS) is (EBIT ÷ Revenue). This is the operating income per dollar of sales. [EBIT/Revenue] The company's asset turnover (ATO) is (Revenue ÷ Average Total Assets). The company's equity multiplier is (Average Total Assets ÷ Average Total Equity). This is a measure of financial leverage. Profitability (measured by profit margin) Asset efficiency (measured by asset turnover) Financial leverage (measured by equity multiplier)



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