Cryptocurrency has brought extensive growth in today's world of trade. The influencers, marketers, and investors have a hawk-eye on this market's recent develop

Top 15 Best Cryptocurrency APIs In the Market

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Cryptocurrency has brought extensive growth in today's world of trade. The influencers, marketers, and investors have a hawk-eye on this market's recent development and upscaling. The continuous flow of cash and trade occurring in crypto exchange is one of the reasons why investors are more prone to opt for it.

The Bitcoin system of investment has helped millions of people around the globe to kick start their financial journey in terms of finding an alternate method of wealth creation. Blockchain technology made it easy for people to invest in this decentralized and immutable form of trade that resulted in the great ball of run 2017.

With the high demand for crypto in recent times, the new developers are converging in search of the crypto gold rush from other industries. All in all, crypto has set the best trading instance of all time.

So if you are the one who intends to jump into this market with your shares to generate leads, you can make use of the Crypto market APIs, which work as a helping tool. These are specially designed to make your crypto experience as easy as pie.

What is API in Cryptocurrency?

API is the abbreviation of (Application Program Interface), a fundamental mechanism describing the interaction between two applications. API contains the databases, listing, and technical records for better comprehension and easy browsing. However, Crypto API is a technique that gives access to crypto exchanges like Nomics. It ensures an ultimate real-time experience of data receiving, trade execution, automated trading strategies using trading boots, documentation, and data analysis to the developers and customers of the service who may benefit from these APIs.

To maintain the functionality of the service, the cryptocurrency exchange system has introduced its APIs for the integration of the developers to the platform. It also helps to download historical market data and prices.

How to Use a Cryptocurrency API?

Cryptocurrency API provides you with extensive historical records that are a particular way for traders to execute their dealings. APIs give the enterprise business platform access to the recent raw and derived cryptocurrency and exchange market data through high-performance endpoints. With the help of API documentation, you can audit your log requests, manage your configuration and notifications concerning your account, level up your plan, and view your documentation with the database anytime.

However, you have to go through such brief steps to run your first trade through API:

  • Firstly, you have to create a user interface
  • Secondly, create an API user key
  • Retrieve data using API key from crypto compare APIs
  • Execute the trade by monitoring API calls on your dashboard

What Are The Best Crypto APIs?

If you are passionate about conducting academic research on cryptocurrency, desperate about learning how to code with crypto data, need assistance in trade through the up-gradation of real-time crypto data, or are on the verge of building a trading bot. We have your back here, providing an honest review of the top 15 crypto APIs that are up to the mark and worth considering to boost your crypto trading through API-developed projects.

CoinBase API

Coinbase API is generally termed as a cryptocurrency platform that has made the transaction mode hotsy-totsy, lucrative yet easy at the same time. It seems the largest, robust, and reputable digital wallet and the renowned transaction platform. On the other hand, it makes bitcoin trading extremely easy. It also supports Litecoin and Etherum along with Bitcoin cash.


  • It is a single purpose API having a restful architecture
  • Support XML response/ CRUD request format
  • Coinbase API include multiple payment methods
  • Support exchange rate tracking and order metadata


  • It is free, having no paid plans with a rate limit of 1000 requests per hour.

Crypto Compare API:

Crypto compare has been widely used by institutional investors, different crypto companies, and business ranges. It possesses a collection of data from markets, social sources, trade, blockchain, etc. With this Api available you can fetch data any time you intend to check the sales rate.


  • Provide an extensive range of data
  • Highly reliable endpoints
  • Collect 800 plus trades per second
  • Global data support gives access to 30K clients.


  • Its personal plan is free while professional plan costs $79.99 and corporate one is $199.99

Coin Market Cap API:

The Coin market cap API is a tremendous plan service for tracking the current market cap. It is easy to use and comes with a great number of coins and exchanges. It has a daily fluctuation of different crypto tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.


  • Have no wallet integration
  • Control historical listing and quotes
  • CMC ID map
  • Accurate cryptocurrency market data endpoints


  • The start-up plan is $79 while the standard is $299.

Bit Stamp API:

Bit Stamp API is one of the oldest, fully regulated exchanges in the world used for creating exchange services and applications. It is quite helpful in programming algorithms and Bots. Bit Stamp has the authority to cancel requests more than a limit at certain times.


  • Use custom written software
  • Request limit is 8000
  • API v1 authentication
  • Support XML and JSONP.


  • Having different pricing plans.

Binance API:

Binance API is the largest exchange in the world when it comes to the daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies.


  • Execution of trade using third party application
  • HTTP basic API key authentication model.
  • RESTful architecture
  • Support JSON response and request formats.


  • It is free and restricted to 1200 requests.

Poloniex API:

Poloniex API provides a secure trading environment along with advanced charts and data analysis tools. It is perceived as a well-documented API.


  • Provide HTTP and web stock APIs
  • The public HTTP endpoint is accessed via getting requests while the private endpoint is accessed via HMAC-SHA512 signed POST requests using API keys
  • Trades via third party application
  • RESTful architecture


  • It is free and limited to 6 calls per second.

Kraken API:

Kraken API is a method that provides us an automatic trade of cryptocurrency via code on Kraken. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world having 4 million users and serving 190 countries worldwide.


  • REST API is organized into publicly accessible endpoints like market data, exchange status, etc.
  • The stock API and Kraken API are separately documented.


  • Kraken is free until and unless you are not trading.

BitFinex API:

Bitfinex API is a Hongkong-based cryptocurrency exchange and serves 1.6 million traders. It is considered the most advanced mode of exchange.


  • Applications are built on rest endpoints or you can make use of WebSocket API.
  • Officially supports Python, NodeJS, Ruby, Golang, etc.
  • Single purpose API model.


  • Free


HitBTC API is the best crypto API having over 2 million registered users. It is the centralised API based in Hong Kong. HitBTC API comes with unique identifier keys for the proper authentication of requests. It skillfully manages funds and trades along with access to market data for better performance of trading operations.


  • Having API version 3.0
  • Single purpose API
  • Support XML format


  • Free

Gemini API:

Gemini API is a Newyork based, licensed digital asset exchange for institutions as well as for individuals. The selection of Gemini API can take you a long way in the crypto world. It ensures the best management of orders and funds. It is really beneficial in the automatization of the crypto trade.


  • Use API key authentication model.
  • Single purpose API with RESTful architecture.
  • Support XML response.


  • Free

Kucoin API:

Kucoin API is one of the best examples of blockchain having more than a million active users. This API formulates the trading strategies quite well. Such globalized cryptocurrency exchange conforms with varied digital assets. Kucoin API has 8 million registered users to provide the best experience to the users.


  • Trading Bots to perform high-frequency trade.
  • Uses API key and OAuth 2 authentication model.
  • REST API contains 4 sections
  • API key version 2.0


  • Free

Cryptocurrency API SDKs:

API and SDKs give a tough time to the non-technical community in comprehending the whole aspect.API stands for (Application Program Interface) while SDK stands for (Software Development Kit). In simple terms, SDK is responsible for handling all the primary tasks that are supposed to earn profit like supply chain management, trans-border supply of goods, dealing between retailer and manufacturer.

On the other hand, the designated task of API is to ensure two-way communication between retailers and manufacturers within the application or company. In cryptocurrency, API and SDKs work to improve the crypto applications, crypto changes, DApps focusing the blockchain.

What to Look For in a Cryptocurrency API?

With the rapid development and overtime expansion of the blockchain investment system, people are setting the trend to invest more and more in profitable and mature coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Whenever and wherever you want to invest, better comprehension of all the aspects that will operate the whole process is a must.

Before investing, you should search for the facts relating to real-time information about market trends, ups and downs in shares, and similar analyses to select the best deal that seems favorable for the trading market. It is better to look for the following facts and figures when you intend to invest in cryptocurrency APIs::

  • It should ensure to provide all the information you need for building trust
  • Mechanism of Graphing and charting to present Cryptocurrency data
  • Notifying criteria on major RSI? MACD calculations
  • Alerts regarding new coin additions in the market
  • Provide Multi-platform usage

What Can You Expect from a Crypto API?

This blockchain can benefit you in the long run as the crypto API technique has made this whole sole trading process extremely fun-based. These Crypto APIs are reducing all sorts of inconvenience people were facing before the advent of Crypto APIs.Moreover, the proper functionality of such APIs is an indication of the open doors for such a trading system.

So it is not wrong to expect proficient services, a greater stability rate, and better profit options and dealings from the Crypto APIs in the future.


Hence, in this quite progressive market, there is no room left for doubt that the Crypto world is going to excel in future times, and this effective trading system has chances of gaining more popularity through the upcoming advancement of APIs which act as a key tool to leverage the marketing traditions. The awareness among people regarding the exchange system has made them familiar with the bitcoin cryptosystem.

However, some are still confused about the mechanism on which the crypto works. It is better to investigate all the pros and cons before making a selection of this trading system. Eliminating all the misconceptions to proceed is the need of the time and so required for the crypto world. Leaving your fears behind and diving into this broad market can take you a long way if you genuinely want to opt for it.

So here you have the complete guide consisting of the most popular and widely used APIs worldwide. Regardless of a developer or manufacturer, an ordinary person having a little spark for the crypto world can go through this comprehensive guide to find the relating facts, current trades, and the role of APIs for giving it a shot, as the data mentioned above is based on most accurate and precise facts and recent ongoing developmental records.

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