Introduction In today's dynamic and fast-paced financial landscape, having access to real-time and reliable stock market data is crucial for making informed

FMP’s Real-Time Stock Market Data API: a Comprehensive Stock Market Database and Historical Dataset


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In today's dynamic and fast-paced financial landscape, having access to real-time and reliable stock market data is crucial for making informed investment decisions. As a leading provider of financial data solutions, we are proud to offer our comprehensive Stock Market Data API, providing developers, investors, and analysts with a comprehensive stock market database and historical dataset. In this blog, we will explore the key features of our API and how it can enhance your understanding of the stock market.

Real-Time Stock Market Data at Your Fingertips

Our Stock Market Data API provides a wealth of real-time financial information, including live stock prices, trading volumes, market capitalizations, and more. With seamless integration, developers can access up-to-the-second data to keep track of market movements and identify emerging trends swiftly. In addition, we offer you the option to use websocket delivery for quote data, include bid/ask price and size for the US market.

Define Ticker Symbols with Ease

Ticker symbols are unique identifiers assigned to individual stocks on various exchanges. Our API simplifies the process of defining ticker symbols, making it easy for developers to access specific stock data quickly. Whether you're tracking Apple Inc. (AAPL) on NASDAQ or Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) on the NYSE, our API streamlines the retrieval of essential data.

A Global View: How Many Stock Exchanges Are There?

The global financial markets span across numerous stock exchanges, each contributing to the global economy. Our API covers more than 60 exchanges across 46 countries on 70,000+ securities to provide you with a comprehensive market view.

Unveiling Historical Stock Prices

Understanding past market performance is crucial for informed decision-making. Our API allows you to look up historical stock prices, analyze price trends, and identify key data points from our historical dataset for your investment research. With historical data at your disposal, you can backtest investment strategies and gain valuable insights from past market behavior. Our financial market data API has 30+ years of Historical Stock and Equities Data, 20+ years of Historical Commodities and Forex Data and 15+ years of Financial Statements, including international filings.

Visualizing Market Performance

Our Stock Market Data API goes beyond numbers and offers a visual representation of market performance through interactive charts and graphs. These graphs provide a bird's-eye view of stock price movements, market capitalizations, and more, making it easier for investors and analysts to grasp market trends and spot potential opportunities.

Data Sources You Can Trust

We understand the importance of reliable and accurate financial data. Our Stock Market Data API sources data from reputable exchanges and financial institutions, ensuring that you receive trustworthy information from our comprehensive stock market database and historical dataset to drive your investment decisions.


Our Stock Market Data API a powerful tool designed to equip developers, investors, and analysts with real-time financial data and insights from a comprehensive stock market database and historical dataset. With seamless integration, robust data coverage from global exchanges, and a user-friendly interface, our API enhances your ability to navigate the complexities of the stock market and make well-informed investment choices. Trust in our comprehensive financial data solutions, and empower your financial journey with the Stock Market Data API from Financial Modeling Prep.

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