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Historical Data of Banque nationale de Belgique Société anonyme(BNB.BR), Banque nationale de Belgique Société anonyme operates as the central bank of Belgium. The company's


Banque nationale de Belgique Société anonyme



Banque nationale de Belgique Société anonyme operates as the central bank of Belgium. The company's activities include determination and implementation of the Eurosystem's monetary policy; printing and issuing of notes and coins; collection, compilation, analysis, and distribution of economic and financial information; and promotion of monetary and financial stability. It also engages in the centralization of the revenue and expenditure of the federal state; administration of fines and settlements; combating money laundering; and international settlements. In addition, the company provides macro prudential and prudential supervision, oversight of financial market infrastructures and critical service providers, and crisis management services; and a range of services to individuals and schools, such as exchange of banknotes and coins, securities and coupons, central individual credit register for consumer credits and mortgage loans, and documentation base primarily specialized in economics, finance, and monetary policy, as well as collects and publishes annual accounts of Belgian enterprises. Further, it offers services to central banks comprising reserve management services, such as custody accounts and remuneration of the cash accounts to non-euro area countries, and central banks or monetary authorities, as well as international organization other than community institutions and bodies. The company was founded in 1850 and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

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