The recent revelation of Keith Gill's ("Roaring Kitty") sizable stake in Chewy (CHWY) has sparked speculation in the market. Could this be a sign that Chewy mig

Chewy and the Meme Stock Mystery: A Second Coming?


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The recent revelation of Keith Gill's ("Roaring Kitty") sizable stake in Chewy (CHWY) has sparked speculation in the market. Could this be a sign that Chewy might be the next meme stock sensation, following the meteoric rise of GameStop (GME) in 2021?

A Tale of Two Companies: Similarities and Differences

Analysts point to some interesting parallels between Chewy and GameStop. Both companies have ties to Ryan Cohen, a prominent investor who currently chairs GameStop. Additionally, both experienced high short interest, attracting the attention of retail investors who piled into the stocks in a frenzy.

However, there's a crucial difference. Unlike GameStop, Chewy boasts strong fundamentals. The company recently achieved profitability and boasts healthy free cash flow. This sets it apart from GameStop, whose turnaround story is still unfolding.

Uncertain Future: Volatility Expected

Analysts caution that regardless of whether Chewy becomes a meme stock, a period of volatility is likely. The market awaits further developments, including any potential action from Ryan Cohen or GameStop.

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