Balaji Prasad from Barclays recently set a new price target for NYSE:TEVA, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., at $21, which is a significant jump from its cur

Barclays Sets a Price Target for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. 


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  • Barclays has set a new price target for Teva Pharmaceutical at $21, indicating a potential upside of about 26.28%.
  • Teva's recovery is attributed to the success of newer drugs like Austedo, Uzedy, and Ajovy, along with a stable generics business.
  • The company's stock has seen a significant increase of 135% over the past year, with a current market capitalization of approximately $18.64 billion.

Balaji Prasad from Barclays recently set a new price target for NYSE:TEVA, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., at $21, which is a significant jump from its current trading price of $16.63. This new target suggests a potential upside of about 26.28%, indicating a bullish outlook on the stock. Teva, a global pharmaceutical company, is known for its wide range of generic and specialty medicines. The company has been in the spotlight for its remarkable recovery, with its stock price increasing by 135% over the past year.

This optimistic price target by Barclays is supported by Teva's impressive performance and strategic focus on its newer drugs, such as Austedo, Uzedy, and Ajovy. These drugs have played a crucial role in the company's recovery, contributing to its soaring stock price. Additionally, Teva's stable generics business is expected to further boost its top-line growth in the coming quarters. This combination of successful new drug launches and a robust generics business forms the backbone of the positive outlook on Teva's stock.

Teva's stock has experienced significant volatility, with its price fluctuating between a low of $7.22 and a high of $17.39 over the past year. Despite the recent decrease of 2.06% in its stock price, the company maintains a strong market capitalization of approximately $18.64 billion. The trading volume of 7,338,079 shares indicates active interest in Teva's stock among investors.

The company's listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and its substantial market presence underscore its importance in the pharmaceutical industry. Competing against both generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies, Teva's strategic initiatives and focus on growth-driving drugs have positioned it well for future success.

In conclusion, the new price target set by Barclays reflects confidence in Teva's strategic direction and its ability to sustain the impressive growth witnessed over the past year. With a solid pipeline of drugs and a stable generics business, Teva is well-equipped to continue its upward trajectory, making it a stock to watch in the pharmaceutical sector.

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