Morgan Stanley's decision to maintain an "Underweight" rating on Square, Inc. (NYSE:SQ), as announced on May 22, 2024, reflects a cautious stance towards the co

Morgan Stanley Maintains "Underweight" Rating on Square, Inc. 


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  • Morgan Stanley's "Underweight" rating onSquare, Inc. reflects concerns over its close ties to the cryptocurrency market and its impact on the company's future.
  • Despite a significant market presence, Block's stock has seen a 74% decline from its peak in August 2021, raising questions about its valuation and future prospects.
  • Square's performance and its role in the cryptocurrency market highlight its potential for recovery and growth amidst market volatility and challenges.

Morgan Stanley's decision to maintain an "Underweight" rating on Square, Inc. (NYSE:SQ), as announced on May 22, 2024, reflects a cautious stance towards the company's stock. This outlook is influenced by recent comments from Block's CEO, which seem to reaffirm Morgan Stanley's perspective. Square, under the leadership of co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, has been in the spotlight for its bullish view on Bitcoin, suggesting a strategic direction that could tie its financial fate more closely to the cryptocurrency market. Operating major platforms like Square for merchants and Cash App for individuals, Block has carved out a leadership role in the fintech space, boasting a market capitalization of $45 billion.

Despite its success and a significant market presence, Block's stock is trading 74% below its peak price from August 2021, raising questions about its valuation and future prospects. This decline in stock price, coupled with Morgan Stanley's cautious rating, highlights the challenges and uncertainties facing the company. The focus on Bitcoin by Jack Dorsey and the potential impact of cryptocurrency market fluctuations on Block's performance are central to understanding the company's current position and future direction.

The recent performance of Block's stock, with a modest increase of 2.6% over the past month, contrasts with the broader market and its industry sector. This performance, as highlighted by, indicates that while Block has been making positive strides, it has not kept pace with the broader Zacks S&P 500 composite or the Zacks Technology Services industry. The importance of earnings estimate revisions, as emphasized by Zacks Investment Research, further underscores the critical nature of profitability and earnings potential in determining the stock's movement over time.

In the context of the cryptocurrency market, Square's inclusion among five bitcoin-centric stocks with strong potential for gains in 2024, as noted by Zacks Investment Research, points to the company's significant role in the anticipated rally of the cryptocurrency market. Despite the recent downturn in Bitcoin's price and the broader cryptocurrency market, the optimism surrounding the future of Bitcoin and related stocks, including Square, suggests a potential recovery and growth phase that could benefit the company.

Square's recent stock performance, with a decrease of $2.03 to close at $71.51, reflects the volatility and challenges in the market. The fluctuations in trading prices and the broader context of the company's market capitalization and trading volume provide a snapshot of the current state of affairs for Square. As the company navigates the complexities of the fintech and cryptocurrency spaces, the cautious outlook from Morgan Stanley, coupled with the broader market dynamics, will continue to play a crucial role in shaping investor sentiment and the stock's future trajectory.

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