On Tuesday, June 25, 2024, TD SYNNEX (NYSE:SNX) is poised to unveil its earnings report for the quarter ending in May 2024. This event is highly anticipated by

TD SYNNEX Earnings Report Preview: Key Insights


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  • Wall Street's expectations for TD SYNNEX are set at an EPS of $2.76 and projected revenues of $14.1 billion for the quarter.
  • The stability of the consensus EPS estimate highlights analyst confidence in TD SYNNEX's performance, potentially leading to positive stock price movements.
  • TD SYNNEX's previous quarter's financials, including a revenue of $13.98 billion and a net income of $172.13 million, lay a solid foundation for the anticipated results.

On Tuesday, June 25, 2024, TD SYNNEX (NYSE:SNX) is poised to unveil its earnings report for the quarter ending in May 2024. This event is highly anticipated by investors and analysts alike, as earnings reports are a crucial indicator of a company's financial health and operational efficiency. TD SYNNEX, a leading player in the information technology sector, specializes in IT distribution and comprehensive supply chain services. The company operates in a competitive landscape, going head-to-head with other major distributors and service providers in the technology industry.

Wall Street's expectations for SNX's upcoming earnings are set at an earnings per share (EPS) of $2.76, with projected revenues of $14.1 billion for the quarter. These figures represent a significant milestone for the company, indicating a 13.6% increase in EPS from the same quarter last year and a modest year-over-year revenue growth of 0.4%. Such growth is noteworthy in the context of the global IT distribution market, which is characterized by fierce competition and rapid technological advancements.

The stability of the consensus EPS estimate, which has remained unchanged over the past month, underscores the confidence analysts have in TD SYNNEX's performance. This steadiness is a positive signal to investors, as fluctuations in earnings estimates can lead to volatility in stock prices. The link between earnings estimate revisions and stock price movements is well-documented, with stable or positive revisions often leading to upward trends in stock prices.

As TD SYNNEX gears up to release its quarterly earnings, the focus will be on whether the company can meet or exceed the Wall Street estimates. Achieving an EPS of $2.76 and revenues of $14.12 billion would not only reflect the company's robust operational capabilities but also its ability to navigate the complexities of the global supply chain and maintain growth amidst competitive pressures.

The financial metrics from the previous quarter further highlight TD SYNNEX's strong performance, with a reported revenue of $13.98 billion and a net income of $172.13 million. These figures, along with a gross profit of $899.03 million and an operating income of $328.1 million, set a solid foundation for the company's anticipated quarterly results. As investors and market watchers await the earnings report, the key will be to see how these past achievements translate into continued growth and stability for TD SYNNEX in the competitive landscape of IT distribution and services.

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