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IntegraGen SA provides human genome analysis services for academic researcher and life sciences companies in France. Its genomic services include transcriptomics, epigenomics, DNA sequencing, NGS testing for cancer research, and SNP genotyping. The company offers clinical research services, such as clinical grade sequencing and pharmacogenomics; basic and human genetic research; agrigenomic services, including crop and livestock genotyping and high-throughput sequencing for crops and livestock; and microbial genomics services comprising whole-genome microbial sequencing and microbial transcriptomics. It also provides MERCURY, an online biological interpretation tool for oncology intended to assist pathologists and oncologists in transforming raw data obtained through high-throughput sequencing into a molecular report for translational and clinical research use; SIRIUS, a cloud-based software tool that enables researchers to analyze whole genome, whole exome, and gene panel sequencing data; Galileo, a cloud-based app for dynamic exporation of RNA-Seq expression data; and GeCo, a genomic consulting service that offers researchers with access to biostatistics and bioanalytics experts. IntegraGen SA was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Évry, France. IntegraGen SA is a subsidiary of OncoDNA SA.

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