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Genomic Vision Société Anonyme, a molecular diagnostics and technology company, engages in the development of single DNA detection tools for research and in vitro diagnostics in France. The company offers FiberVision, a molecular combing platform that helps in DNA analysis workflow; FiberComb, a molecular combing system, which stretches single DNA molecules onto a vinyl silane glass surface; FiberVision, a scanner that acquires high resolution images of the whole surface of the coverslip with a hands-off workflow; FiberStudio, a software, which detects hybridization signals and analyzes data to generate results and reporting; FiberPrep, a DNA extraction kit that delivers purified DNA solutions for molecular combing; and accessories, such as custom treated glass carriers and disposable DNA reservoirs for use with the MCS, as well as sample cartridges for scanners. It also provides FiberProbes for BRCA that is a set of Genomic Morse Codes for the detection of mutations occurring in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer; and hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer Genomic Morse Code sets, which allows the identification and characterization of various structural variations, including anomalies occurring in flanking regions of the MMR genes. In addition, the company offers combing services that allow customers to validate the planned gene editing events; detect incorrect events larger than 1kb, including incorrect deletions, insertions, or inversions; and quantify off-target/on-target ratios. It has a strategic alliance with Quest Diagnostics; and development agreement with La Timone Hospital; research and development agreement with the Institut Pasteur. Genomic Vision Société Anonyme was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Bagneux, France.

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