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Discounted Cash Flow Model of Maptelligent, Inc.(MAPT), Maptelligent, Inc. provides cloud based geographic platform. Its geographic platform integrates disp


Maptelligent, Inc.



Maptelligent, Inc. provides cloud based geographic platform. Its geographic platform integrates disparate data from sensors, cameras, alarms, and access control and accountability systems to create actionable intelligence on an intuitive map interface, as well as provides access information relevant to structures and sites that enhances situational awareness and emergency response while en route and upon arrival at the incident scene to mitigate additional loss of life and property of incidents occurring within buildings when shared with first responders. The company also provides a suite of maps and apps, which offers customers the ability to maintain and manage data in a mobile environment for public safety to create incident pre-plans associated with the building floor plan, as well as for building engineers to manage maintenance schedules for critical elements of a building, such as alarm panels, pull stations, extinguishers, and other assets, which need regular attention. In addition, it offers professional services (ProServ) to build high fidelity floor plans, safety assessments, and system integration services; and a cloud content management solution to store and manage data associated with the security solutions. The company serves organizations and entities, who are often at risk from threats and emergency incidents, such as schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, sporting events, commercial enterprises, and ports. Maptelligent, Inc. is based in Henderson, Nevada.

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