Global Brokerages Maintain Fed Rate Cut Expectations Despite Softer Inflation Introduction: Leading global brokerages are standing firm on their predictions



Global Brokerages Hold Firm on Expectations for Fed Rate Cuts Amid Softening Inflation


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Global Brokerages Maintain Fed Rate Cut Expectations Despite Softer Inflation

Introduction: Leading global brokerages are standing firm on their predictions regarding the timing of potential interest rate cuts by the U.S. Federal Reserve this year, buoyed by recent softer-than-anticipated inflation data that has sparked optimism for a gentle economic slowdown.

Brokerages' Expectations: J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs are among those foreseeing the Fed commencing rate reductions as early as July. On the other hand, Morgan Stanley, UBS Wealth Management, Bank of America, and Deutsche Bank anticipate rate cuts occurring later, with September or December identified as potential timelines.

Significance: The prospect of interest rate cuts in 2024 has spurred demand for equities, offering a contrast to the previous year's subdued market performance, characterized by the impact of elevated borrowing costs on company valuations and consumer spending.

April Inflation Data: April's consumer prices index (CPI) registered a less-than-anticipated increase, as revealed by recent data, offering a glimmer of encouragement to policymakers awaiting signs of inflation moderation before adjusting borrowing rates.

Market Sentiment: Market participants, as indicated by CME's FedWatch tool, are pricing in a roughly 72% probability of rate cuts by September, reflecting growing expectations within financial circles regarding imminent Fed action.

Expert Insights: BofA Global Research economists cautioned against placing undue emphasis on April's CPI figures, highlighting the need for sustained positive developments in inflation dynamics to instill confidence in the Fed's decision-making process.

Conclusion: Despite fluctuations in economic indicators, including recent inflation trends, global brokerages remain steadfast in their projections for Fed rate cuts in 2024. The delicate balance between economic stimulus and inflation management underscores the significance of ongoing data analysis and prudent policy decisions by central banks.

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