Hold on to your gaming rigs, Nvidia fans! Jefferies analysts are feeling optimistic about the chipmaker's future, raising their price target for the stock. J

Nvidia Stock: Jefferies Bullish, Raises Price Target


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Hold on to your gaming rigs, Nvidia fans! Jefferies analysts are feeling optimistic about the chipmaker's future, raising their price target for the stock.

Jefferies Goes Big on Nvidia:

  • Analysts at Jefferies bumped their price target for Nvidia (NVDA) from $135 to $150 per share, reflecting a bullish outlook.
  • This upgrade follows a recent trip to Asia, where Jefferies observed a significant increase in chip production capacity planned for Nvidia.
  • The analysts believe Nvidia is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and data center technologies.
  • Their optimism extends beyond Nvidia itself, suggesting positive spillover effects for companies like Marvell (MRVL) that collaborate within the AI ecosystem.

Reasons for Optimism:

  • Increased chip production capacity suggests Nvidia is gearing up to meet anticipated demand for its next-generation GB200 NVL platform.
  • Jefferies revised their estimates for GB200 NVL unit sales upwards, reflecting strong potential.
  • The analysts see Nvidia as a dominant force in the AI space, influencing the fortunes of related companies.

DEMA: Sharpen Your Nvidia Analysis

While analyst opinions are valuable, conducting your own research is crucial. Consider incorporating the Double Exponential Moving Average (DEMA) into your technical analysis of Nvidia stock. The DEMA helps smooth out price fluctuations, potentially revealing clearer trends.

Unlock the Power of DEMA with FMP's API:

Financial Modeling Prep DEMA API Documentation

Will Nvidia reach Jefferies' target? Do your own research and stay ahead of the curve!

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