SoftBank, the Japanese multinational conglomerate known for big-ticket tech investments, is reportedly looking to back Perplexity AI, a search startup. Here's a

SoftBank Eyes Perplexity AI: Search Startup Valued at $3 Billion (Investment Watch)


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SoftBank, the Japanese multinational conglomerate known for big-ticket tech investments, is reportedly looking to back Perplexity AI, a search startup. Here's a closer look:

  • Potential Investment: According to Bloomberg, SoftBank is in talks to invest in Perplexity AI at a valuation of $3 billion.
  • Perplexity AI's Focus: Specific details about Perplexity AI's search technology are limited. However, the company likely aims to disrupt the search landscape currently dominated by players like Google.
  • SoftBank's Track Record: SoftBank has a history of investing in high-growth tech companies, with mixed results. Some notable examples include Uber and WeWork.

What to Consider:

  • This news is significant for the search engine industry, potentially indicating a new challenger to established players.
  • The success of Perplexity AI and its potential impact on search engine giants like Google (GOOG) remain to be seen.

Investor Takeaway:

  • This development is relevant for investors interested in the tech sector, particularly those following artificial intelligence (AI) and search engine trends.
  • Investing in early-stage startups like Perplexity AI carries a high degree of risk.

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