Here's a breakdown of the recent investor activity in the US stock market, as reported by Bank of America Securities: Overall Trend: Investors are turning

Stock Market Jitters: Investors Pull Billions Out for Fifth Week in a Row


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Here's a breakdown of the recent investor activity in the US stock market, as reported by Bank of America Securities:

Overall Trend:

  • Investors are turning cautious, with a net sell-off of US equities for the fifth consecutive week.
  • This marks the biggest exodus since last July and the fourth-largest on record since 2008.

Investor Groups:

  • Institutional and hedge fund clients are leading the selling spree.
    • Institutional clients became net sellers for the first time in three weeks.
    • Hedge funds continued their selling streak for the third week in a row.
  • Retail investors, however, emerged as net buyers after two weeks of selling.

Stock Preferences:

  • Large-cap and mid-cap stocks are experiencing the most significant outflows.
  • Small-cap stocks saw some buying interest.

Sector Performance:

  • The technology sector witnessed the second-biggest outflow in Bank of America's data history, indicating a major pullback from tech stocks.
  • The communication services sector continued to attract inflows for the ninth consecutive week.
  • Consumer discretionary stocks saw their first inflows in five weeks, but consumer staples remain out of favor.

Corporate Buybacks:

  • Corporate buybacks of stocks remain strong, although the pace has slowed down compared to the previous week. This trend has persisted for 12 consecutive weeks, exceeding typical seasonal levels.

Investor sentiment seems to be shifting towards risk aversion. While some sectors, like technology, are experiencing significant outflows, others, like communication services, are finding favor. Corporate buybacks continue to provide some support to the market, but overall caution prevails.

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