Hold onto your horses, Tesla fans! According to a recent meeting between Tesla's Investor Relations (IR) team and JPMorgan analysts, the company's next growth s

Tesla's Growth Gears Up for a Shift: Lower-Cost Models on the Horizon


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Hold onto your horses, Tesla fans! According to a recent meeting between Tesla's Investor Relations (IR) team and JPMorgan analysts, the company's next growth spurt isn't expected to hit the gas until at least 2025. Here's the lowdown:

  • Growth on Hold: Tesla's current focus is on prepping for the launch of their next-generation, lower-cost electric vehicle (EV). This means production volume growth might slow down in 2024.
  • 2025 and Beyond: The big bang is expected in the latter half of 2025 with the rollout of these new, more affordable Teslas. Analysts predict this will lead to a significant increase in unit sales.
  • Leveraging Existing Infrastructure: These upcoming lower-cost models will likely utilize existing platforms and assembly lines, allowing for a faster and potentially smoother production ramp-up compared to a completely new platform.

Not Just New Cars:

  • Robotaxi Revenue Still a Distant Dream: Don't hold your breath for robotaxi domination just yet. While Tesla has been talking up their self-driving ambitions, substantial robotaxi revenue is still likely years away.

The Takeaway:

Tesla is shifting gears, prioritizing the development of a more accessible EV to broaden their market reach. This strategic move positions them for a potential boom in sales volume by 2025. Investors waiting for a near-term surge might need to be patient, but the future could be bright for Tesla if they can successfully execute this next phase of growth.

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