Popular short video platform TikTok is fending off a cyberattack that targeted brand and celebrity accounts, including news giant CNN. Breaches and Backlash:

TikTok Under Attack: Short Video App Battles Cyber Assault


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Popular short video platform TikTok is fending off a cyberattack that targeted brand and celebrity accounts, including news giant CNN.

  • Breaches and Backlash: The attack compromised a "very small" number of accounts, according to TikTok. They're working to restore access and bolster security for affected users, like CNN. Reality TV personality Paris Hilton was reportedly a target but her account remains secure.
  • National Security Concerns Loom Large: This incident comes amidst an ongoing battle between TikTok's parent company ByteDance and the US government. The US is pressuring ByteDance to sell TikTok over national security concerns, fearing Chinese access to user data.
  • TikTok's Defense: ByteDance is challenging the forced sale in court, insisting they wouldn't share user information with China. Additionally, TikTok highlights its efforts to safeguard user privacy.

This situation underscores the growing challenge of cybersecurity, especially for social media platforms. As the investigation unfolds, it will be interesting to see how TikTok manages this issue and navigates the complex US-China tech landscape.

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