The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has mandated that Venture Global LNG provide detailed documents about the mechanical issues and the startup proc

U.S. Regulator Orders Venture Global LNG to Release Documents Amid Dispute


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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has mandated that Venture Global LNG provide detailed documents about the mechanical issues and the startup process of its Calcasieu Pass plant in Louisiana. This directive comes amid a prolonged dispute between the liquefied natural gas (LNG) developer and major energy companies, including BP and Shell.

Key Points:

  1. FERC's Directive:

    • FERC has ordered Venture Global LNG to release documents related to the commissioning and operational challenges of the Calcasieu Pass plant.
    • An administrative judge will be appointed to oversee the distribution details of these documents, with Venture Global and its customers required to negotiate terms under a protective order.
  2. Calcasieu Pass Plant Issues:

    • Despite being operational and shipping LNG for over two years, the Calcasieu Pass plant has not fulfilled its supply contracts.
    • Venture Global claims that the plant is not yet fully operational, citing ongoing mechanical repairs.
  3. Dispute with Major Energy Companies:

    • BP and Shell, among other energy companies, have been involved in a dispute with Venture Global over access to LNG supplies from the Calcasieu Pass plant.
    • In January, BP and Shell urged FERC to compel Venture Global to release documents explaining the delay in commercial operations, describing the hold-up as "unprecedented and inexplicable."
  4. Confidential Documents:

    • The requested documents include reports on ongoing repairs to a heat recovery steam generator and 124 weekly commissioning and site inspection reports, which document significant issues affecting the plant's critical power equipment.
  5. Venture Global's Response:

    • A spokesperson for Venture Global emphasized that FERC's order does not address any commercial disputes between the company and its customers.
    • The company has indicated that the issues are related to plant equipment and ongoing repairs.

Industry Implications:

The ongoing dispute and regulatory scrutiny highlight the complexities and challenges associated with the operational startup of large-scale LNG facilities. The situation underscores the importance of transparency and communication between LNG developers and their customers, especially in an industry where supply contracts and reliability are crucial.


As the FERC steps in to mediate the release of critical operational documents, the resolution of this dispute will be closely watched by industry stakeholders. The outcome could set a precedent for how similar disputes are managed in the future, potentially influencing contractual practices and operational transparency within the LNG sector.

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