Last week, UBS economists unveiled their updated outlook on US fiscal policy, extending their projections until 2026. In their comprehensive report titled "The

Understanding the US Fiscal Landscape: UBS Economists' Insights


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Last week, UBS economists unveiled their updated outlook on US fiscal policy, extending their projections until 2026. In their comprehensive report titled "The US Fiscal Outlook," they offered fresh perspectives on revised deficit projections and the profound implications for economic growth.

Key Highlights and Concerns

The report underscored the pivotal role of deficits, shedding light on their multifaceted impact on the economy. Among the key concerns addressed was the looming specter of Social Security insolvency within the 10-year budget window. UBS economists emphasized the urgency of addressing this challenge to ensure long-term fiscal sustainability.

Impact on Economic Growth

Insights from UBS revealed the substantial contribution of fiscal policy to real gross domestic product (GDP) growth in 2023. Fiscal interventions accounted for 1.1 percentage points out of the total 3.1% GDP growth, underscoring their significance in driving economic expansion. Without these interventions, GDP growth would have been markedly lower, at 2.0%.

Furthermore, UBS conducted a separate analysis of immigration trends, revealing their positive impact on potential GDP growth. The report attributed a boost to potential GDP growth to 2.5% in 2023, partially due to fiscal policy measures aimed at supporting immigration trends.

Forward-Looking Insights

Looking ahead, UBS economists emphasized the critical importance of proactive fiscal policy measures in sustaining economic momentum. They highlighted the potential repercussions of neglecting fiscal responsibilities, warning of adverse effects on future economic growth and stability.

"In other words, without fiscal policy, the FOMC would have been running real GDP growth ½ pp below trend in our estimates, not above," remarked UBS economists in a recent note, underscoring the indispensable role of fiscal interventions.

Take Action: Stay Informed and Prepared

Stay ahead of the curve with UBS's latest insights on US fiscal policy. Explore "The US Fiscal Outlook" report for in-depth analysis and projections, empowering you to make informed decisions in navigating the evolving economic landscape.

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