Jackson Ader of KeyBanc has recently updated the price target for Ltd. (NASDAQ:MNDY) to $270, as reported on July 2, 2024, by TheFly. This new target

KeyBanc Updates Price Target for Ltd. 


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  • KeyBanc has updated the price target for Ltd. to $270, indicating a potential increase of 12.51% from its current trading price.
  • The new target represents a decrease from a previous target of $280, reflecting a nuanced shift in KeyBanc's outlook on the company.
  • is highlighted as a top-ranked software stock by Zacks Investment Research, emphasizing its growth potential and investment appeal in the competitive software industry.

Jackson Ader of KeyBanc has recently updated the price target for Ltd. (NASDAQ:MNDY) to $270, as reported on July 2, 2024, by TheFly. This new target suggests a potential increase of 12.51% from the stock's trading price of $239.97 at the time of the announcement. This adjustment is noteworthy as it represents a decrease from a previous target of $280, indicating a nuanced shift in KeyBanc's perspective on the company's future performance. operates in the competitive software industry, offering a platform that helps teams manage projects and workflows with efficiency and transparency. Its position within the market is significant, especially when considering the broader context of software stocks like Datadog and AppLovin, which have also been experiencing a resurgence after a period of underperformance. According to Zacks Investment Research, is among the top-ranked software stocks recommended for purchase, underscoring its potential for growth and investment appeal.

The stock's recent trading activity provides additional context to KeyBanc's updated price target. On the NASDAQ, MNDY's shares were trading at $239.97, with minor fluctuations throughout the trading day, ranging from a low of $234.08 to a high of $240.76. Despite a slight decrease of $0.79 or -0.33%, the company maintains a robust market capitalization of approximately $11.95 billion. This financial health is further illustrated by the stock's performance over the year, reaching a high of $249 and a low of $122.13, showcasing its volatility and the potential for significant returns.

The adjustment in the price target by KeyBanc and the broader analysis by Zacks Investment Research highlight the dynamic nature of the software industry and the specific opportunities presented by Investors and market watchers will likely keep a close eye on MNDY's performance, especially in light of the potential upside and the company's ability to navigate the competitive landscape of software development and project management platforms.

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