On Friday, May 24, 2024, Stephens upgraded its rating on Guardant Health Inc. (NASDAQ:GH) to Buy, maintaining a hold position previously. This change in rating

Stephens Upgrades Guardant Health Inc. to Buy


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  • Stephens upgraded Guardant Health to Buy from Hold, following a strong FDA panel recommendation for its colon cancer screening test, Shield.
  • The FDA panel's endorsement of Shield highlights its potential as a non-invasive alternative for colorectal cancer screening, directly competing with Exact Sciences' Cologuard.
  • The stock's price surged to $25.52, reflecting a 13.37% increase and investor optimism about the future of Guardant Health's cancer diagnostics technology.

On Friday, May 24, 2024, Stephens upgraded its rating on Guardant Health Inc. (NASDAQ:GH) to Buy, maintaining a hold position previously. This change in rating came as the stock was priced at $25.52. Guardant Health, a leading company in the precision oncology field, focuses on developing advanced cancer diagnostics, including blood tests that can detect cancer early. The company operates in a competitive landscape, with rivals like Exact Sciences offering alternative cancer screening methods.

The upgrade by Stephens coincided with a significant development for Guardant Health: a strong recommendation from a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel for the agency to approve Guardant's blood-based colon cancer screening test, Shield. This recommendation followed an eight-to-one vote in favor of the test's safety and a majority vote affirming its efficacy. The FDA's Medical Devices Advisory Committee's support for Shield underscores its potential as a non-invasive alternative to traditional colonoscopies, positioning it as a direct competitor to Exact Sciences' Cologuard.

The positive reception from the FDA panel is a crucial step for Guardant Health, signaling a promising future for its Shield test. The panel's endorsement, highlighting Shield's safety and effectiveness, suggests that it could become a primary non-invasive screening option for colorectal cancer (CRC) in adults aged 45 and older. This development is particularly significant given the high incidence and mortality rates associated with CRC in the U.S., emphasizing the need for more accessible and less invasive screening methods.

The stock's surge to $25.52, marking a 13.37% increase, reflects investor optimism following the FDA panel's recommendation. This price movement is notable, especially considering the stock's fluctuation over the past year, with highs of $41.06 and lows of $15.81. Guardant Health's market capitalization of approximately $3.12 billion, coupled with a trading volume of about 5.96 million shares, indicates strong market interest in the company's prospects, particularly in light of the potential FDA approval of Shield later in the year.

The FDA panel's recommendation not only boosts Guardant Health's stock value but also marks a pivotal moment in the field of non-invasive cancer screening technologies. With Shield poised to become the second blood-based test for CRC diagnosis in the United States, Guardant Health is at the forefront of transforming cancer diagnostics, offering patients a more convenient and less daunting option compared to traditional methods. This advancement could significantly impact patient care and screening practices, potentially saving lives by facilitating earlier detection of colorectal cancer.

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