Visionary Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:GV), a leader in the private education sector, has recently announced a significant change in its stock structure through a 15 f

Visionary Holdings Inc. Announces Reverse Stock Split


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  • Visionary Holdings Inc. plans a 15-for-1 reverse stock split to make its stock more appealing to investors.
  • The reverse stock split aims to reduce the total shares in circulation, potentially increasing the per-share price.
  • GV's stock price has surged by 80.5% to $0.361, indicating strong market performance and growth potential.

Visionary Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:GV), a leader in the private education sector, has recently announced a significant change in its stock structure through a 15-for-1 reverse stock split. This move is aimed at adjusting the number of shares available to investors without altering the overall value of their investment in the company. GV specializes in integrating artificial intelligence and life science technologies into its educational offerings, with a strong operational presence in Canada and strategic partnerships in China.

The reverse stock split, scheduled to take effect at the beginning of the trading day on May 29, 2024, will consolidate every fifteen shares of GV into a single share. This action is designed to reduce the total number of shares in circulation, potentially increasing the per-share price and making the stock more attractive to a broader range of investors. For shareholders who find themselves with fractional shares as a result of the consolidation, GV has committed to rounding these fractions up to the nearest whole number, ensuring that no investor is left with a non-tradable fraction of a share.

Following the consolidation, GV's shares will continue to be traded on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the same ticker symbol "GV". This move is part of the company's broader corporate strategy to enhance shareholder value and improve its standing in the competitive market of private education providers. The decision to undergo a reverse stock split reflects GV's commitment to maintaining a strong and stable stock performance, aligning with the interests of its shareholders.

The announcement of the reverse stock split comes at a time when GV's stock has experienced a significant uptick in its market performance. The stock price has surged by 80.5% to $0.361, marking a notable increase of $0.161 in value. This price movement has been characterized by a trading range between $0.215 and $0.4542, with the stock reaching a yearly high of $0.7 and a low of $0.1012. GV's market capitalization now stands at approximately $18.65 million, supported by a trading volume exceeding 13.17 million shares. This financial momentum underscores the company's growth potential and the strategic importance of the reverse stock split in positioning GV for future success.

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