On Sunday, June 16, 2024, Wedbush upgraded its rating on Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) to Outperform while maintaining a hold position on the stock. This

Wedbush Upgrades Microsoft Corporation to Outperform


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  • Wedbush upgraded Microsoft Corporation to Outperform with a price target of $550.
  • Microsoft's strategic focus is on artificial intelligence (AI) in Japan, with a substantial investment of $2.9 billion.
  • The company's market capitalization stands at an impressive $3.29 trillion, showcasing its status as a tech giant.

On Sunday, June 16, 2024, Wedbush upgraded its rating on Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) to Outperform while maintaining a hold position on the stock. This significant adjustment was made when MSFT's stock price was at $442.57. The upgrade, as highlighted by StreetInsider, also came with an increased price target for Microsoft, setting it at $550. This move by Wedbush indicates strong confidence in Microsoft's future performance and growth potential.

Microsoft has been making headlines with its strategic focus on artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in Japan. The company's President of Microsoft Japan, Miki Tsusaka, shared in an interview with Bloomberg the rapid adoption of AI tools in the country. This interest in AI is not just talk; Microsoft is putting its money where its mouth is with a substantial investment of $2.9 billion in Japan. This investment is a clear signal of Microsoft's commitment to advancing AI technology and its belief in Japan as a key player in technological innovation.

The stock's recent performance reflects Microsoft's strong position in the market. With a slight increase of 0.22%, bringing the stock price to $442.57, Microsoft shows steady growth. The stock has experienced fluctuations, trading between a low of $436.72 and a high of $443.14 on the day of the announcement. Over the past year, the stock price has seen a range between $309.45 and $443.4, demonstrating the company's resilience and potential for growth.

Microsoft's market capitalization stands at an impressive $3.29 trillion, underscoring its status as a tech giant. With a trading volume of about 13.48 million shares, it's clear that Microsoft remains a popular choice among investors. This financial strength, combined with strategic investments in AI and a focus on markets like Japan, positions Microsoft favorably for future growth.

The upgrade by Wedbush to an Outperform rating, coupled with a significant price target increase to $550, reflects optimism in Microsoft's strategic direction, particularly its investment in AI technologies and focus on expanding its footprint in Japan. This confidence is backed by Microsoft's solid financial performance and its ambitious plans for technological innovation, making it a stock to watch in the tech sector.

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