Zscaler Inc. (NASDAQ:ZS) is gearing up to release its quarterly earnings report on Thursday, May 30, 2024, after the market closes. The cybersecurity firm, know

Zscaler Inc. Quarterly Earnings Preview


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  • Zscaler Inc. is set to release its quarterly earnings with an EPS estimate of $0.65 and projected revenue of $535.91 million.
  • The company's growth is driven by its expanding portfolio, strategic acquisitions, and growing client base, despite concerns over its valuation and macroeconomic uncertainties.
  • Financial metrics reveal a price-to-sales ratio (TTM) of 12.98 and an enterprise value-to-sales ratio (TTM) of 12.87, indicating strong market valuation.

Zscaler Inc. (NASDAQ:ZS) is gearing up to release its quarterly earnings report on Thursday, May 30, 2024, after the market closes. The cybersecurity firm, known for its cloud-based security solutions, has caught the attention of Wall Street analysts, who have set the earnings per share (EPS) estimate at $0.65. Additionally, the revenue for the quarter is projected to be approximately $535.91 million. This anticipation builds on Zscaler's reputation for delivering innovative security solutions to businesses worldwide, competing with other major players in the cybersecurity space.

The company's expanding portfolio and growing client base, along strategic acquisitions and partnerships, have been key drivers of its success. These factors are considered significant positives for Zscaler, reflecting its strong position in the cybersecurity industry. However, Zacks Investment Research advises caution for investors thinking about purchasing Zscaler stock ahead of its Q3 earnings report. This caution is due to the company's stretched valuation and potential near-term challenges arising from macroeconomic uncertainties. Despite these concerns, Zscaler's year-over-year growth projections remain robust, with earnings expected to increase by 35.4% and revenues by 27.9% compared to the same quarter last year.

Wall Street's optimism towards Zscaler is further evidenced by the average brokerage recommendation (ABR) of 1.42, positioning it between Strong Buy and Buy. This positive outlook is supported by 77.8% of analysts giving Zscaler a Strong Buy rating, reflecting confidence in the company's growth and profitability potential. Such analyst ratings are crucial, as they often influence investor decisions and can significantly impact stock prices.

Financial metrics provide additional insight into Zscaler's market valuation, with a price-to-sales ratio (TTM) of approximately 12.98 and an enterprise value-to-sales ratio (TTM) of about 12.87. These ratios indicate the market's valuation of each dollar of the company's sales. Moreover, Zscaler's enterprise value to operating cash flow ratio (TTM) stands at 37.69, showcasing how the market values the company in relation to its operating cash flows. Despite a higher level of debt, as indicated by a debt-to-equity ratio (TTM) of 1.24, Zscaler maintains a healthy liquidity position with a current ratio (TTM) of 1.90. This financial health, combined with strategic growth initiatives, positions Zscaler as a noteworthy contender in the cybersecurity industry as it approaches its upcoming earnings release.

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