IKONICS Corporation (IKNX)


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IKONICS Corp. engages in the development, manufacture, and trade of photochemical imaging products. The company is headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota and currently employs 75 full-time employees. The firm has five operating segments: Domestic, Export, IKONICS Imaging, Digital Texturing (DTX) and Advanced Material Solutions (AMS). Domestic segment sells screen printing film, emulsions, and inkjet receptive film to distributors located in the United States and Canada. IKONICS Imaging segment sells photo resistant film, art supplies, glass, metal medium and related abrasive etching equipment. AMS segment provides sound deadening technology to the aerospace industry along with products and services for etched composites, ceramics, glass and silicon wafers. DTX segment includes products and customers related to inkjet technology used for mold texturing and prototyping. Export segment sells primarily the same products as Domestic and the IKONICS Imaging products not related to AMS or DTX.