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Terminal Value of Maison Internationale de l'Informatique S.A.S.(ALMII.PA), Maison Internationale de l'Informatique S.A.S. provides professional training services in the fields


Maison Internationale de l'Informatique S.A.S.



Maison Internationale de l'Informatique S.A.S. provides professional training services in the fields of IT, office automation, management, and digital and multimedia. It offers computer science training courses, including agility, data base, BI and decision tools; big data, blockchain, cloud, CRM, cybersecurity, DevOps, IT project management, IBM, artificial intelligence, IoT- connected objects, languages and development; IS management, mobility, collaborative tools and EDM; design and modelling tools; networks and telecoms; robotic process automation, SAP, SAP people to work, GIS, systems; and virtulization, storage, and backup ; office automation training courses, comprising office software, DTP and image editing, basic knowledge, and wise ; management training courses, such as flash training, management of teams and people; project management, communication, personal and professional efficiency; business development, customer relationship, marketing, purchases, human resources, labor law and social relations; public procurement and the public sector; accounting, taxation, and management; entrepreneurship, and business expertise; as well as digital and multimedia training courses, consisting digital culture, social networks and content strategy; marketing and digital communication; creating or redesigning a website, data and analysis; DTP - graphic arts, video and sound; 3d and animation; digital publication, and media and digital efficiency. Further, it offers diploma courses, such as systems, networks and security; digital and development; tertiary, integration and pedagogy; and multimedia. The company was incorporated in 1985 and is based in Paris, France. Maison Internationale de l'Informatique S.A.S. is a subsidiary of O2i Société Anonyme.

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