Terminal Value of BIO-UV Group S.A.(ALTUV.PA), BIO-UV Group S.A. designs, manufactures, and markets ultraviolet light water and surface treatment s


BIO-UV Group S.A.



BIO-UV Group S.A. designs, manufactures, and markets ultraviolet light water and surface treatment systems for individuals and professionals in France. It offers O'Clear UV treatment, a disinfection system for water; DELTA-UV, a disinfection system for pools and spas; BIO-UV INOX for a chlorine-free water treatment; BIO-UV COMBIPOOL, an automatic injection and pH regulation for pools; BIO-UV REGUL pH for pools to maintain pH levels; and BIO-UV TEMPO for pools to control the duration of daily remanent injections according to water temperature. The company also provides MP Touch Screen and MPL Super Deluxe for the disinfection and dechloramination of commercial and semi-commercial pools; DW for the production of drinking water; RW for the tertiary treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater disinfection; IAM and IBP+ for the treatment of industrial process water; BIO-SEA B and BIO-SEA EASY-TO-FIT for the treatment of ballast water on ships; BIO-SUN for water disinfection in remote areas; and UV HOME that provides pure water at home. In addition, it offers HDPE HO/AM for the treatment of salt and/or corrosive water; and UV AND UV HO for the treatment of fresh water in aquaculture, pisciculture, aquariums, ornamental ponds, and biological pools. Further, the company provides BIO-SCAN LIGHT for disinfecting surfaces to heath, maritime, coffees, hotel and restaurant, commercial, and transport sectors. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Lunel, France.

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