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IGE+XAO SA operates as a software publisher in France and internationally. The company designs, produces, sells, and maintains computer aided design (CAD), product lifecycle management (PLM), and simulation software dedicated to electrical engineering. It offers SEE System Design, a tool to design, realize, and maintain complex installations or processes; ODIL to manage automation studies and generate the documentation; SEE Electrical Expert for file sharing, multi-user functions, database management, and personalized programming; SEE Electrical, an electrical CAD software; and SEE Electrical PLM, a modular software suite. The company also provides SEE Electrical Building+ for individual electricians and construction companies involved in building electrics projects; SEE Cabling for designing cabling; SEE Web Catalogue, an online equipment catalogue; SEE Project Manager, a tool for managing electrical projects; SEE Gen E-doc, a web service; and SEE Compodata, a product configurator software suite. In addition, it offers SIMAC, a machine or process simulator; AIDMAP II for analyzing machines or automated equipment behavior; SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ for the design and manufacture of cabinets; SEE Electrical 3D Shop floor, a mounting and wiring assistant for shop floors; and SEE Electrical Harness Manufacturing, a software suite for manufacturing electrical wire harnesses. The company serves the automation and plant, equipment and machinery, aerospace, railway, shipbuilding, automotive, power generation and energy, and construction industries. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Colomiers, France. IGE+XAO SA is a subsidiary of Schneider Electric Industries SAS.

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