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Terminal Value of Nexus AG(NXU.DE), Nexus AG develops and sells software and hardware solutions, and provides IT services, primarily for


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Nexus AG develops and sells software and hardware solutions, and provides IT services, primarily for customers in the health care system worldwide. It operates in two divisions, Healthcare Software and Healthcare Services. The company offers information systems, such as NEXUS/HIS and KIS for somatic hospitals; NEXUS/PSYCHIATRY for psychiatric institutions; NEXUS/REHAB for rehabilitation facilities; ITR, a software for rehabilitation, clinics, and hotels with medical care; NEXUS/ARCHIVE and PEGASOS, an archiving and process management system; NEXUS/QM for quality management; NEXUS/INTEGRATION SERVER, an interface management; NEXUS/CLOUD IT, outsourcing solution; NEXUS/EPS, a software solution to supplement SAP personnel management, as well as process and HR consulting in the SAP environment; ifa systems, an ophthalmology software solution; Sophrona solutions, ophthalmology patients and referral program; and NEXUS/DIS, interdisciplinary diagnostic information system. Its information systems also comprise NEXUS/SWISSLAB, a laboratory information system; NEXUS/LAURIS for order communication in diagnostics; NEXUS/PATHOLOGY and NEXUS/CYTOLOGY for pathology and cytology institutes; dc-Pathos and dc-LabMan for pathology and cytology devices; NEXUS/RADIOLOGY, an information and image system for radiology wards and offices; NEXUs/CHILI, for PACS and teleradiology solutions; NEXUS/ASTRAIA for obstetrics and gynecology; NEXUS/SPECIAL DIAGNOSTICS and Clinic WinData for medical specialist diagnostics and device integration; NEXUS/HOME for senior citizen and nursing homes; NEXUS/OUTPATIENT CARE and Asebis, a homecare solution; NEXUS/PAT, an administration system for hospitals; and osoTEC for billing personal and other services. In addition, the company offers SINAPSI, highsystemNET, CREATIV OM, SEXTANT, Emed, NEXUS/EPD, NEXUS/AEMP, NEXUS/SPM, EuroSDS, RVS Software, NEXUS/VITA and TESIS VITA, and NEXUS/ESKULAP. NEXUS AG is headquartered in Donaueschingen, Germany.

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