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Terminal Value of Gérard Perrier Industrie S.A.(PERR.PA), Gérard Perrier Industrie S.A. engages in designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining elect


Gérard Perrier Industrie S.A.



Gérard Perrier Industrie S.A. engages in designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining electrical, electronic, automation, and instrumentation equipment in France and internationally. It engages in the engineering, installation, and maintenance of HV/LV distribution networks, electric drive systems, low current systems, lighting products, electric boxes, cabinets, and modules. The company is also involved in the study, manufacture, and installation of electronic boards, modules, sub-assemblies, assemblies, man-machine interfaces for on-board systems, built-in automated and electronic systems, switched-mode power supplies and converters for on-board systems, and variators and engine control systems; study, engineering, and maintenance of automation projects; and design, analysis, and programming of techniques for automation supervision and MES systems. In addition, it manufactures sub-assemblies, such as electronic, electro-technical, assembly of mechanical, and fluid and pneumatic modules; implements engineering projects in the oil and gas, nuclear, and military sectors; and technical assistance for various businesses, such as mechanics, valves, boiler-making, civil engineering, and non-destructive testing. The company was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Lyon, France. Gérard Perrier Industrie S.A. is a subsidiary of Amperra SAS.

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